Collective Memory a Film Viewing List

Film viewing list Sergi Eisenstein

Collective Memory a Film viewing list

Experimental Film – The production of Experimental Film as a representation of memory

There are many examples of films that have human memory central to the narrative, the examples below have some credibility in


Reading List

Halbwachs Collective Memory

Reading list (Year 1)

Initial reading list for collective memory, film and dementia. This list will be added to over the year.

Ashuri T (2007) Television tension: national versus cosmopolitan memory in a co-produced television documentary. In: Media, Culture, Society … More

Research Proposal

Firstly, writing a research proposal is not easy, or I should say formulating the research question is a difficult proposition. I started this process severalĀ  months ago with just a very basic outline of what I was most passionate about … More